Parole a scuola – Milan 2017

What was “Condivido”

It was a chance to continue talking about topics like hostile language online. To check if, thanks to the activities of the association, our digital relationships have changed. To continue with more conviction on the journey toward social awareness, that has started in 2017. Lastly to find solutions which can respond to the new needs of people, through the Manifesto of non-hostile communication.



Data from the meeting

Il programma

The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication was the main point of the programme.
Young people discussed the Manifesto from different perspectives with the support of ten famous show-business, sport and politics celebrities.
On the stage of UniCredit Pavillion in Milan, Trieste, Matera and Cagliari there were many guests:

Franco Baresi, Brand Ambassador of the A.C. Milan
Gianluca di Marzio – journalist of Sky Sport
La cantante Chiara – winner of the VI edition of talent show X Factor
Diana Del Bufalo – actress and singer
Giorgia Palmas, TV presenter
Francesco Piccinini – director
Dario Gasparo – teacher and winner of the Italian Teacher Prize
Angela Mauro – journalist of the Huffington Post Italy
Alì Sohana – young cultural mediator from Gambia
• The social media managers of the Facebook pages Lercio and Commenti memorabili.

A video message has been sent by Lodovica Comello, actress and TV presenter of Italia’s Got Talent.
Also the minister Valeria Fedeli.

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