The Manifesto of non-hostile communication for children

ten things that parents and teachers can
explain to even the youngest of children

What is

It is a version of the manifesto for children, a useful tool for parents and teachers in order to explain to children, right from the start, how to correctly use digital tools, during the years where they come into contact with mobile devices for the first time.

  1. Virtual is real

    The internet is not a game. Although a different place, it is real.
    The internet is also made up of the good and the bad: you must be careful!!

  2. You are what you communicate

    You must be kind. There are people like ourselves behind the photos.
    If you say unkind things, they will be sad, or regard you as bad.

  3. Words shape the way i think

    you must think before speaking: count up to 10!
    This way you can find the correct words to say what you would like to say.

  4. Listen before you speak

    nobody is right all the time. Learning and listening is good
    as you understand the thoughts of others and you make friends.

  5. Words are bridges

    some words can make you laugh and make you feel good,
    just like a cuddle or embrace. Embracing using words is great

  1. Words have consequences

    horrible words scar and hurt. If you hurt someone using words,
    they will no longer be your friend. The more nice words, the more friends!

  2. Sharing is caring

    the internet is like a forest: it is better to be accompanied by an adult.
    You never tell strangers your name, age or address.

  3. Ideas can be discussed.
    People must be respected

    sometimes we may not agree: it is normal. It is however not normal to say horrible words to a friend if they have a different opinion.

  4. An insult is not an argument

    offending someone is not fun. You make the other person sad and angry.
    Now that you are grown up and are able to speak, there is no need to shout.

  5. Silence says something too

    sometimes it is right to say nothing. When you do not know what to say, say nothing!
    You will find the right time to say the right thing

The book for children


A book dedicated to young children (from 3 to 6 years of age). The book includes 5 nursery rhymes which draw inspiration from the ten principles in the Manifesto of non-hostile communication. It is an essential, fun tool to guide children around the world of the Internet safely.


Only available in Italian.





Buy it here

The video

Educational worksheets

Designed for students and useful to teachers when teaching in class using the Manifesto of non-hostile communication.


The other declinations of the Manifesto

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