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Words are important, they are extremely powerful. However all too often words are used inappropriately, to offend, be disloyal, they are used inaccurately, incorrectly, in a way that is misleading, impolitely. In a single word, harshly (heartless). Often, they are used with no awareness of the consequences. With the aim of reducing, controlling, identifying, fighting against negative practice and language, the Parole O_Stili Association is focused on a project to raise awareness and educate against the hostility of words, both online and offline, which then led to the establishment of the Manifesto of Non-hostile Communication. A civil plea on the responsible selection of words used, listening, discussing, even silence.

The book of Hostile Words includes 10 stories which draw inspiration from the ten points found in the Manifesto and which were entrusted to the interpretation of the most famous names of contemporary Italian literature. Every point is a story, every story a known or unknown world, welcoming or fearsome, the possibility of a future shaped by our present, where that which went unobserved in our present, is unveiled and which primarily conditions and controls our way of being and our way of interacting with others.


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The editor

Loredana Lipperini

Loredana Lipperini is a writer and a radio presenter. Her latest book is called L’arrivo di Saturno, and was published in 2017 by Bompiani.
She worked for Laterza as author of “L’ho uccisa perché l’amavo”. Falso! (with Michela Murgia, 2013) and Questo trenino a molla che si chiama il cuore. La Val di Chienti, le Marche, lungo i confini (2014).

The authors

Giordano Meacci

Tommaso Pincio

Giuseppe Genna

Diego De Silva

Helena Janeczek

Fabio Geda

Alessandra Sarchi

Nadia Terranova

Christian Raimo

Simona Vinci

“what distinguishes us from other species is the possession of free will (or at least of a not completely precluded arbitrariness), in addition to the use of the language. For this reason, our daily test is if we use words to evolve or to get worse; because even one word can be an attack to our species. I prefer to see the whole siuation from another perspective: every word we pronounce can hold back, every day the secrect for freedom.”
Nicola Lagioia
Director of the Salone of Torino

“This collection of stories is the result of an alliance that unites the support of the Ministry of Education, the convinced partecipation of the Turin International Book Fair and the publishing house Laterza, the Parole O_Stili association, the editor and the ten authors who accepted the challenge to work on the principles of the Manifesto. It is a magnificent challenge, to which all of you have also participated by reading, reflecting and imagining. And therefore, thank you to everybody.”
Rosy Russo
President of the Association Parole O_Stili

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