Second edition

One year later, back together

During our second annual meeting we continued talking about hostile language online. We reflected about the fact that,after our last year meeting, our digital relationships have changed. To continue together our social awareness journey through different fields with more conviction. In order to find out new solutions to respond to the new needs of people, through the the Manifesto of non-hostile communication.
The central theme of this second meeting was “Words are bridges”. We chose it because it’s the fifth principle of the Manifesto of non-hostile communication and because we thought that it was the right moment to spread messages and proposals against themes like discord, exclusion or closure, which are more and more diffused.



The event in numbers

The program

It was a day of talks with online experts, journalists, communicators, legal experts, and other professionals.
Different experiences, fields and styles were discussed to address this topic from different perspectives.
Before the panels, a one hour plenary session has been held.


Whatch the video

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