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Activities with the Ministry of Education

On 14 September 2017, with the Minister Valeria Fedeli present, a memorandum of understanding was signed at the 3rd Cortile di Francescoevent in Assisi between Parole Ostili and the Ministry of Education. It covers promotion of a non-hostile Internet culture for greater awareness of the use of digital tools, in a manner consistent with a genuine right to digital citizenship.

The protocol provides for joint development of initiatives and activities to build awareness of non-hostile communication and the right to active and informed digital citizenship, with the creation of specific training opportunities for teachers and students in Italy, and is inspired by the principles of the Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication. It aims to counteract all forms of hostile language and encourage constructive and respectful personal communication, with a particular focus on schools.

The partnership will initiate on 9 February 2018 with the “Parole a scuola” event, a free training day for teachers on the subject of digital skills and informed and responsible online communication.

Temporary Association of Purpose

Founded in July 2017 by the Associazione Parole O_Stili, the Catholic University of Milan and the Giuseppe Tioniolo Institute, the partnership shares a commitment to oppose verbal hostility on the web and encourage respectful language in all circumstances.

Teaching material

You may download all the material free of charge and incorporate ideas for digital education in your teaching plans.
You will also find dozens of data sheets for the new educational path that is introducing the Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication in Italian schools.

Teaching kits, data sheets, exercises and educational games on using Internet communication tools wisely and correctly.

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