Words are bridges

This word is a bridge for me

The central theme of this second meeting was “Words are bridges”. We chose it because it’s the fifth principle of the Manifesto of non-hostile communication and because we thought that was the right moment to spread messages and proposals against themes like discord, exclusion or closure, which are more and more diffused.

We asked our community made up of professionals in business and political communication, teachers, entrepreneurs, influencers and bloggers to tell us about which word is a bridge for them, that is the term they normally use to understand one another or to get close to others.

Miriam Bertoli

Digital Marketing Manager @IULM

“Thank you”

It’s amazing how saying a simple “Thank you” to someone you don’t know or to the most beloved person opens up new opportunities for exchanges and prepares people for building something new and for continuing a conversation in a positive way.

Alessandro Rosina

Social scientist, rapporto giovani @Istituto Toniolo


It’s not just a word, but a symbol, that is the “smile” or the smiling emoticon.
I think the bridge is the positive opening towards the others, an attitude of positive acceptance with respect to what will be heard and said or has been said.

Alberto Fedel

Partner @Newton Management Innovation


Because asking for explanation about what someone really meant, avoids jumping to conclusions determinated by our standards, prejudice or hasty judgments.

Annamaria Anelli

Business Writer, trainer

“And you?”

It is more than one word, I know!
There is the “E”, the most important conjunction because it allows the people to get close to others and to become similar.
There is the “YOU”, that moves the focus on other people, holding back our ego and leaving space for breathing.
There is the “?”, the inverted hook (if you turn side your face, you’ll see it) is necessary to ask something, to discover what’s inside the “YOU”, to give a chance to the “E”.
And you?

Emmanuele Curti

Manager in the field of culture, promoter of @Matera2019


Because words should help understanding and incessant research for creating exchanges and common spaces. And be able to create constructive conflicts, in order to evolve.

Edoardo Colombo

Business consultant


Using the verb to express I can communicate to others what I mean, but this word has many shades of meaning, for example a facial expressions or a typical saying.

Barbara Sgarzi

Journalist, Social Media Professor @SISSA


Because if we don’t put ourselves in the other’s shoes, we don’t try to understand what he or she feels and how our message has been understood, in this case our communication will be useless, or worse, harmful.

Alessandra De Antonellis

Owner and Co-Founder at ddl studio srl


Because without listening there is only closure and obstruction, for this reason building bridges or moments of exchange through words will not be possible unless you are open to listening.

Marianna Marcucci

Co-founder @InvasioniDigitali.com


In chemistry resonance occurs when two apparently different formulas are instead the representation of the same molecule. In the same way, we must learn that differences among people only seem to represent a distance.

Rodolfo Baggio

Professor @Bocconi


The base for every civil cohabitation.

Giovanni Boccia Artieri

Scuola Scienze della Comunicazione @UNIURB


reflectiveness is the way we reflect ourselves in other people, a way to accept the other in our selves, to watch ourselves through their eyes and start to open up.

Gianluigi Tiddia

Blogger @Insopportabile


To seek the meaning of being human, of life, of the gratifying ways of being a community, of being thinking organisms with a vision of the future without selfishness.to Search for words but also, and above all, for silence.

Eva Campi

Partner @Newton Management Innovation


Because you need bravery to build and cross bridges. But also to speak, to be quiet, to ask, to expose and express yourself… it’s Così come per parlare, stare in silenzio, chiedere, esporsi, esprimersi … it is an act of will aimed towards the outside and the other from us.

Andrea Notarnicola

Partner @Newton Management Innovation


Important ingredient if you want to build bridges and deal with people who are different from us, making an effort to find new perspectives.

Daniela Pavone

Marketing Advisor


Because a open door makes people get closer and helps people understand each other.

Angela Creta

Community Manager @FormezPA


For me it includes also “understanding”.

Massimo Arcangeli

Linguist, literary critic, writer

“Ring road”

A ring road links everything through a non-stop movement that knows no niches, crevices or separations. It is the metaphorical place where contacts and intersections evolve into plots and transfusions, in which solidarity faces reciprocity and comprehension among people, in which the demolition of barriers or dividing walls becomes a precious gateway for the resolution of every conflict.

Giovanni Grandi

Philosopher, Professor @unipadova


Because an under construction bridge needs some support in order to make the arches meet and get connected.

Nicoletta Polliotto

Digital Marketing, Project Man. @Muse Com.


[lat. tardo parabŏla] It is a tool to transmit information or ideas, referring to previously defined conventions. It must be used with respect by people, as it can unite and move close, only if a pact is fulfilled!

Fabrizio Barbato

Social Media & Community Manager


What can move people close more than music? It belongs to everyone and its universal language shortens distances and join people. It creates smiles, socialization and delivers joy.
Words, like music, help us understand and bring people together.

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