The Manifesto
for companies

“The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication … for companies” is a tool that sets out a few simple rules that enable a transparent and sincere dialogue to be established between companies and customers.
The Academy di Parole O_Stili promotes awareness of language on social media so as to bring about a change in people’s communication behaviour: virtual is real and real is virtual.

  1. Virtual is real

    I know that every word on the Internet has real consequences and can build or destroy real relationships. I moderate my tone and promote empathy, respectful listening and, where appropriate, humour. I am consistent and keep the promises I make online.

  2. You are what you communicate

    What I communicate reflects both my own and my company’s values and identity. I promote trust and transparency. I am fair and intellectually honest with competitors. I care about the quality of what I communicate and I care about the quality of what I produce.

  3. Words shape the way I think

    I communicate simply and clearly, with a view to making myself understood, and I take the time I need to achieve this. I avoid unnecessary technicalities and always provide the necessary information. I know that my ideas will only succeed if I convey them well.

  4. Listen before you speak

    Listening is non-hierarchical: it is only by listening to others — colleagues, partners or customers — that I can build a winning project for everyone. I facilitate communication. I answer questions, accept criticism and use it to improve.

  5. Words are bridges

    I find the right words, words that are inspirational, hospitable and inclusive, so as to create common ground and build valuable relationships. I try to identify the reasoning and the interests of the people I am communicating with so as to understand their point of view, and I am willing to change my own.

  1. Words have consequences

    My words represent my company; they have weight and contribute to creating the collective imagination: I am aware of this and take responsibility for it. I have the courage to respond to hostile attacks politely.

  2. Share with care

    What I share on the Internet affects my company's reputation and credibility. I select and evaluate sources and contents, I never divulge false or confidential news, information or data. I respect privacy and protect security.

  3. Ideas can be discussed.
    People must be respected

    Discussion helps you grow. By discussing opinions and perspectives, I promote the free expression of ideas, irrespective of hierarchies. I always respect people, their diversity and multiculturalism.

  4. An insult is not an argument

    Aggression is the enemy of effective and constructive communication. Insulting people is humiliating and sterile, and those who insult only show that they have no better arguments. I encourage my collaborators to communicate in a balanced and non-hostile manner.

  5. Silence says something too

    There is a time to listen, a time to reflect and a time to respond. I know when it is better to speak and when it is better to remain silent: remaining silent helps provide lucid answers at the right time and can also express value and strength.

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