About us

The association

Parole O_Stili is a non-profit
association, founded in Trieste
in July 2017.

Parole O_Stili seeks to build a sense of awareness and responsibility in Internet users, encouraging them to share and maintain the values expressed in the “Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication”.

Parole O_Stili speaks to those who realise that “virtual is real”, and that hostility expressed on the Internet can have concrete and lasting effects on people’s lives.
Parole O_Stili works with schools, universities, companies, associations and institutions to promote an ethical approach to online communication.

The founders

Rosy Russo
Creative, founder @Uauacademy @TriesteSocial
Giovanni Grandi
Philosopher, Professor @​Unipadova
Rodolfo Baggio
Professor @Bocconi
Annamaria Testa
Communication expert, blogger, essayist
Giovanni Boccia Artieri
Professor @UNIURB
Eva Campi
Senior consultant @Newton Management Innovation
Emmanuele Curti
Cultural Manager, promoter @Matera2019
Alberto Fedel
Partner @Newton Management Innovation
Vera Gheno
Professor, Resp. Twitter @AccademiaCrusca
Paolo Iabichino
Chief Creative Officer @Ogilvy & Mather Italy
Bruno Mastroianni
Journalist, Professor
Tiziana Montalbano
Social​ ​Media e Marketing Manager​ @Paroleostili
Andrea Notarnicola
Partner @Newton Management Innovation
Daniela Pavone
Senior Marketing Advisor
Gianluigi Tiddia

Individuals and the community

The original contributors to Parole O_Stili included approximately 300 professional business and political communicators, teachers, entrepreneurs, influencers and bloggers: a diverse group of passionate people sharing a desire to make the Internet a better, less hostile place, and one of respect and civilized behaviour.
Each one is committed to opposing the language of hatred on the Internet, as described in the Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication.

Parole O_Stili is a welcoming community with tens of thousands of members. If you believe that words have weight and value, then Parole O_Stili is for you.

ASSOCIAZIONE PAROLE OSTILI, Via Milano 4/1, 34132, Trieste, C.F. 90153460325 @2016 - 2024
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