What is it?

It’s a group of trainers which works with schools, universities, companies, associations and institutions.
Its aim is to define and promote the principles of respect and citizenship which should rule the communication on social media of companies and the Public Administration.

The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication is a simple and effective tool to address topics on contemporary coexistence, to contribute to the creation of a better social environment and to significantly mark our presence online.


Our trainers

We have selected the professionalism, expertise and experience of numerous trainers within the fields of marketing and communication, teaching and business, to support businesses, institutions and people with an awareness-raising course against hostile language.

Find out who are the Parole O_Stili certified trainers which accompany the companies through the journey towards the business certification.


The objectives of the training course

– To be part of a project that encourages a cultural change.
– To share a new, modern, sustainable vision of social media and communication.
– To support a good cause which is gaining a large consensus online

the video

Do you want to know more details on the training course? Do you wish to find out what Parole O_Stili certification is?

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These companies have already chosen our training course:

Porto di Trieste
Costa Crociere

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